Aviva grew up in South Florida and currently lives in Hollywood. She is a wife and mom to three, as well as a Registered Dietitian with over 20 years of experience. Health and fitness has always been a personal and professional focus for her.

In 2006, Aviva's introduction to and love for Pilates was almost simultaneous.  She quickly realized that Pilates was a workout that provided physical and mental benefits unlike any other regimen.  In 2014, she completed comprehensive Pilates training and became certified to teach.  She truly enjoys teaching all types
​of clients - from "never-evers" to seasoned practitioners as well as pregnant women, kids and people recovering from injuries. 


"There is nothing better about teaching than watching a client execute a movement perfectly that they couldn't do at all when they first started."
"The best compliment a client can give me is that a day after my taking my class it hurts when they laugh."


  • Polestar Pilates Education
  • Pilates Method Alliance​